Custom-Made Valances and Cornices In Meredith & Lakes Region NH

Custom Valances will always add the perfect finishing touch to your windows. Rod and Karin bring heart-felt enthusiasm to their window design projects, and  both are  passionate about textiles, color, and style. They will gladly help you find the perfect valance to compliment your home’s decor (which sometimes is no easy task considering the thousands of  patterns and color combinations  you can be faced with!) High quality fabrics, attention to detail, and a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction is what elevates Draperies NH  above the competition. Call Rod today at 603 455-6094 to make an appointment for an in-home consultation and find out what the excitement is all about!

Custom-Made Valances and Cornices

Valance is a term which is all encompassing for a wide range of window treatments that sit above a window and can be strictly decorative or serve to hide an inexpensive and often unsightly yet essential traverse or curtain rod. It is a soft fabric treatment that is usually draped, folded, pleated or gathered. Cornices are a hard upholstered board that serve the same purpose as a valance.   The valance or cornice must of course be in proportion to the window but not so long that it blocks light and not so short that it looks skimpy. Bringing these treatments up to the ceiling can raise up a space visually.

Start with the Rule of Fifth or Sixths: divide the finished length of your drapery or window by five or six to determine the approximate finished length of a valance, cornice or swag. For example, a drapery with a finished length of 100″ might have a window valance that is 16″ (1/6) to 20″ (1/5) long.

A valance can be pleated, gathered,  shirred, swagged or flat.  A valance can be an accent added on top of a Roman shade or draperies, or can be it’s own focal point.

Valances are often mounted on a hidden board or a decorative rod.  Valances and cornices can be shaped or straight.  The edges can be adorned with piping, fringe, gimp or other decorative edgings. They can be longer at the sides than at the center.

When selecting a valance or cornice, it’s best to choose a style that is compatible with your home’s overall decor.  For a contemporary setting, a gathered valance might look out of place and a better design choice might be a pleated valance or cornice.  Balloon valances for instance, are a good choice for Victorian decor.

Common Types Of Valances

Balloon Valances-Balloon valances have a full, puffed out shape (hence the name).  When used alone, it gives the window a soft and feminine look. When used with floor length draperies, the effect is more formal. The basic balloon valance looks just like a shorter version of the balloon shade, but doesn’t move up or down. Similarly The Austrian Valance is shirred up into elegant scallops that fall along most of it’s length.

Pleated Valances The Pleated Valance is a short version of a pleated drape.  A Box Pleated Valance can change depending on the width of each pleat.  Other pleats are:  Butterfly pleat, French pleat, Euro pleat, Cartridge pleat etc. 

Tabbed Valances The Drapery pole becomes an integral part of the window treatment with a tabbed valance. The tabs or ties, which occur at regular intervals along the valance, wonderfully showcase decorative rods and finials. Tabs can be made from narrow or wide strips of fabric, ribbon or cord. These strips can compliment or contrast with the curtain’s main fabric. Drapery Rings or Cafe clips can substitute for the tabs. Among some of the tabbed valance types are Rosette valances, scalloped valances, arched valances and bow tie valances.

Gathered Valances The standard Gathered valance is a long flat valance with a rod pocket. In general, the valance is made 2 or 3 times the width of the window. When dealing with large amounts of material, a light weight fabric is better because it creates a fuller effect. THE FEDERAL VALANCE is created by pulling the ruffle up and securing it with a few stitches just below the pocket rod.

Swags and Jabots – a lovely, traditional choice.  Florals and Toiles are especially suited for this treatment. Jabots, horns or cascades separate and frame the swags.  These can be board mounted or hung from a decorative rod.

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Valances and Cornices November 16, 2017