Custom-made Curtains and Draperies in Meredith & Lakes Region NH


In 2018, Rod Ladman’s Window Designs teamed up with WINDOWS ON THE LAKE, a company which specializes in custom made-to-order Draperies, Curtains, Sheers, Valances, Roman shades, Cornices, Bedding, Pillows, Table Decor and more. These high end creations are the work of seamstress and fabricator Karin Conn, who has been in the window dressing business for over 25 years.  Rod Ladman also has extensive experience in the Drapery and Curtain business. Between the two companies they can absolutely fulfill all your custom home furnishing needs

Whether your style is traditional or contemporary; country casual or urban sophistication, we can help define your style!

“Karin helped us coordinate window treatments and accessories in our new home. We were looking to transition some pieces from our previous home and she put together a beautiful look using them while also integrating new hardware and fabrics for a seamless look. We are very grateful to Karin – and the guys – who made our vision a reality. They made the house a home”.

Al and Maureen Coburn, Meredith, NH

Elegant custom curtains and draperies are a timeless choice for window treatments and complete a room. We can work with your own material or offer you a wide selection of fabrics from many high-quality manufacturers  including Robert Allen, Maxwell, Stout, and more.

Some Facts About Draperies

Although many people use the term Drapes for floor length fabric panels, the proper terminology is Draperies.  The terms Drapes and Curtains are often used interchangeably but its important to know the difference in order to  choose the right window treatment for your home.

Draperies fall to the floor and, with the exception of sheers, are lined and sometimes interlined with insulating flannel.  Linings serve a multitude of purposes:  To protect the drapery fabric and indoor furnishings from the sun; insulate the room from drafts; keep the room dark early in the morning.

Draperies help with energy costs, privacy, light control and noise.

But it’s the beauty, elegance, warmth, and luxury that draperies bring to a space that really finishes a room.  And drapery design is what brings artistry and distinctiveness to this important addition to your decor.  Choosing fabric, trims and heading styles is an artistic pursuit – creating something truly custom.  Of course, adding functional and interesting drapery hardware is important too.  Your window treatments can be a focal point in the room or simply blend into the decor suggesting softness and warmth.

The fullness of the drapery you choose is largely a matter of personal preference (and of course, the incumbent cost). The drapery fullness is generally  2 – 2.5 x the window width.  We recommend stacking the drapery panels off to either side of the window.  Adding a valance on top of the drapery panels is the best way to create a “lock” around the window to seal off  the cold temperatures here in the Northeast.


Some Facts About Curtains

While Drapery panels fall to the floor, curtains typically cover only the window itself, generally falling to the sill or just below.  They serve a number of  important purposes in the window treatment world:  Curtains function for light control, privacy and are much less expensive than draperies or Roman Shades.   Inserting simple rod pocket sheers in a window is a an elegant and classic choice and layering drapes over the window for warmth gives the homeowner versatility.

Popular curtain styles are panels which open in the center or left to right;  and, cafe curtains which cover 1/2 or 3/4 of the window.  Curtains are a more casual choice and often found in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

The fun in the design of curtains starts of course with fabric choices but also includes how to hang them – rod pockets or small rings on a rod are typical.  Variations in headings,  which include rod pockets, fabric tabs or ties, pleats and grommets can change the look and personality of each style.

Curtains can be lined or unlined or interlined (which allows for extra body and insulation).  Curtains look wonderfully custom when ruffles or trims or tiebacks are added.  These elements working together influence the final look and the ultimate appearance of your window treatments.


  • Room Dividers
  • Shower curtains
  • Closet cover
  • Define outdoor space
  • Wedding decor (buy a bolt of white sheer fabric)
  • Conceal architectural flaws


“I’ve worked with many of my clients for over a decade and we have worked together to marry their sense of style with their lifestyle. It’s been a pleasant process getting to know people in their homes and helping them to bring richness and comfort into their space. Fabric has that magical, sensate quality that softens a room in a way that makes an interior space inviting, comforting and beautiful.”

Karin Conn, Fabricator for Draperies NH

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Drapes and Curtains November 16, 2017