Choosing The Right Window Treatment Hardware For Your NH Home


We have a large selection of drapery hardware in prices suited to your budget.  We can install lovely, functional hardware that will allow the treatment to operate smoothly along with hardware that is it’s own architectural feature.

Before choosing hardware for your window treatment there are important considerations:  Will your draperies or curtains be stationary or do you want them to open and close;  would you like decorative rods, finial and rings to match the decor in the room, ie. woods or metals;  will the treatment be installed inside the window frame or will it be installed outside the window frame?

With draperies and curtains, each situation can call for a different type of drapery hardware. If you’re dealing with an inside mount, you need a rod or pole that fits within the frame of the window. Common suggestions might include a basic traverse rod, a swivel rod, a ceiling mounted rod, or a tension rod.  If the draperies will be hung outside the window frame, will the brackets be mounted up to the ceiling?  Often there are challenges to take into consideration.  A window that is poorly located or too close to the ceiling or a corner can decide which kind of hardware is appropriate.

Types of Drapery Hardware and Curtain Rods

  • Traverse Rods are the best choice for movable treatments.  The draperies can be hand drawn with batons or cord operated.  A one way draw pulls the curtain in one direction – either right or left, whereas a center draw pulls the panels in opposite directions, stacking the curtains on either side of the window.  A basic traverse rod is often hidden under a valance or cornice.
  • Decorative Traverse Rods are a more expensive but lovely choice.  They appear to be the standard rod, ring, finial combo but the traverse rod is  concealed behind a half or three quarter rod.
  • Rods, rings and finials.  These can be a beautiful architectural feature in a rooms decor.  They can be traditional or modern; simple but quite elegant.  Draperies and curtains are pleated and hung from rings with drapery hoods.
  • Curtain Rods are used with a rod pocket curtain or valance.  They are simple and very inexpensive.

Motorization And Manual Operating Systems

Many homeowners today opt for remote control operation of their window treatments. With the Hunter Douglas POWERVIEW motorization system, you can program the window treatments to open and close according to your schedule.  The treatments can be set to the exact position you want at the time of day you want.  You can use an app on your phone to open or close the drapes or shades when you’re away from home.  Remote control options include a hand-held device called The Pebble or voice commands with devices like the Amazon Echo (Siri), or Google Home smart speaker system.

Todays window hardware vendors are acutely aware of child and pet safety. If this is a concern of yours, talk to the team at Draperies NH, and they will explain the many options of making your window treatments 100% safe

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Hardware November 16, 2017